Katarina Nagel (1996) is a young, female South African artist, born in Cape Town. Her medium of choice is oil paint and she paints on canvas material. She finished her three year diploma at Ruth Prowse, 2018. She majored in painting and now practices painting in her spare time, as an individual artist.

Katarina has an extraordinary eye for detail. She loves to work in fine brush stroke, eloquently and neat. This allows for the viewer to see deeper in the subject matter - to enhance each subject’s unique significance as well as to serve as a form of artistic expression.

Her style of painting is realistic. She always starts off by drawing from references such as images or photos. The photos from which she works, are from her own, individual photography collection. Photography, thus, plays an important role in her work.

Katarina, loves colourful and flamboyant colors. She tends to go overboard with saturation. This not only reflects her excitement and love she has for art, but too, expresses her ideals and thoughts and opinions over defining the beauty and the divine. She would, thus, like to influence others, to have a more positive outlook on life and to in general, as well, point out the good.

Katarina, loves the traditional method of using oil paint on white canvas material. Although this sentimental technique is also a strength in her talents, her style remains modern. She likes to keep up to date with the latest fashions and trends. She thus incorporates such trends subtle and refreshingly into her work.

She does not limit herself to oil paint. She enjoys to dabble and experiment in unique variety of mediums such as acrylic-, gouache paint, pencil, charcoal and many more items of such interest.

Her work is not always conceptually strong, but rather leans towards aesthetically appealing its audience. Her art is thus very traditional and for the sake visual pleasure.

In 2015, Katarina worked at the CTICC art fair, in Cape Town. She worked very closely with the Italian Consulate. She worked with a world renowned artist - Girolamo Marri, explaining and performnming his work to the public.

In 2016, she participated in the Woordfees, Stellenbosch. The exhibition was called “Wys my Jou Gogga”. In this exhibition, she made tiny insects from clay and painted them in oil. They represent unusual insects of interesting form and colour.

She works from home. This is where her studio is based. She lives for her work and would thus chooses to wake up where her passion lies.

Her love for painting and art has always been very strong. She lives for her passion.

072 113 8290 info@katarinanagel.com